Parents will be invited to a stay as long as they wish during the settling-in sessions. At this time, we will endeavour to cover some day to day nursery structure and uniform requirements and answer any questions parents may have. Once the child is happy and playing at nursery we will request the parents to leave.

Learning Environment

Our learning environment reflects our belief that children are inherently curious, seek relationships with others, and construct their knowledge and understanding of the world through their active engagement and experiences with their environment and the people, materials, and experiences within it.

we provide a learning environment rich in materials and possibilities.  Of the utmost importance are children’s active explorations in the environment.  Children’s formation of ideas through experiences and processes of inquiry are valued.  Rich and varied materials are provided for the purpose of experimentation and creative expression.  Children are challenged to research their theories of how things work and are encouraged to engage in a wide variety of experiences. Children are frequently engaged in small group interactions where each voice can be heard and various ideas explored and results negotiated.  Each child builds skills not only in traditional cognitive, gross motor and social categories, but also in the areas of problem solving, original ideas and strength of conviction